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WaterColor Inn and Resort, Florida

Last fall we spent a night experiencing a small resort community near our soon-to-be hometown in the panhandle of Florida. Why the delay in posting? Since this visit coincided with my review of The Pearl Hotel, a competitive nearby property, I thought it better to delay publishing. Now that warmer temperatures beckon and family vacation season is upon us, the information is timely for whom I consider WaterColor’s target market: families. So without any further delay, allow me to introduce you to a beautiful resort community to consider when making plans this summer: WaterColor Inn and Resort. Read more

Anguilla Live Report (January 2014)

This is a departure from my normal format, but should help keep things interesting! We are in the midst of our seventh visit to the island of Anguilla, and instead of writing up a full “trip report” I am going to share glimpses of this beautiful destination in real time.

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Las Vegas: In Words and iPhone Photos

As you might assume from the title, this trip recap has absolutely nothing to do with “Local on the Road” in the traditional sense. For obvious reasons a desert location limits one’s access to restaurants and accommodations focused on using local produce, products, and/or sustainable practices. That said, in case readers find themselves looking for quality accommodations, this post will serve as a convenient place for commentary on two top-tier property stays on the strip, and a place to park the iPhone photos snapped (as I accidentally left our “real camera” battery at home). Consider it an interruption from regular programming to pass on some reflections should life take you to the area. Read more

Weekend Escape: Richmond, Virginia

If you are looking for an East Coast weekend getaway, Richmond is an ideal destination given its exceptional restaurants, pampering lodging options, and a wide variety of attractions. Read on for our vetted recommendations. Read more

Virginia: Best B&Bs Short List

The following Virginia properties are the “best of the best” based on my research, high standards, and interest in the bed and breakfast industry. If you would like to read more about the method of selection and/or recommendations in other states, check out the main introduction post to this series. Otherwise, read on and bookmark these premier getaways for your next Virginia escape…

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